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Water Well Inspection Cameras

Aries’ Water Well Inspection Cameras are specialized tools for specific applications. We supply cameras that fit within a 2 inch diameter and as large as 50 feet.

  • No external moving parts
  • Feature on screen diagnostics to monitor internal pressure, humidity and camera temperature
  • Ringlight is available for open air, losttool, “fishing” applications

Most cameras have a forward placed lighthead that significantly reduce the reflection of particles suspended in the water. Dual armored steel cable with single conductor technology is used to transmit video and suspend and lower the cameras.

Dual Viewing Inspection Color Camera (BT9700)

The technically advanced BT9700 camera ensures superior acquisition of images and evaluation of well conditions. This dual viewing camera provides operating advantages over other cameras: The single-module design allows it to tilt off-center under operator control to look down the borehole or at the well casing.

The camera can rotate continuously 360° to inspect the entire diameter or casing joint. A 10X optical zoom enables close inspection of incidents.The result is total operator control to ensure clear, quality images to accurately evaluate conditions.

A forward-placed LED lighthead, available in 18- or 24-inch length, provides bright, clear downhole viewing for easy inspection of large diameter wells. An LED ringlight facilitates locating tools and pumps, and other lost objects.

Durable construction, with stainless steel and no external moving parts, ensures long life. The camera is hermetically sealed and nitrogen-charged to eliminate humidity and condensation for clear viewing.

Bore Hole Camera (SC3500)

This Large Diameter Borehole Inspection Pan and Tilt Zoom Camera has a maximum outside diameter of 4.250 inches. The camera was designed for large diameter boreholes, mine shafts, tank, silo and open cavernous areas.

The camera has the following operator controlled features:

  • Automatic and operator adjustable focus
  • Electronic shutter (iris)
  • Low/med/high lighting controls
  • Rotation direction (clockwise/counterclockwise)
  • Pan and tilt movement

The high intensity LED lighting allows for unobstructed viewing and trouble-free lighting.

Pan and Tilt functions slow down when inspecting with the zoom feature. The internal diagnostic check system continually monitors camera functions including camera humidity, voltage, temperature and pressure.

  • 360° continuous rotation in either direction
  • Low light
  • Fits and fully functions in 6” diameter pipelines and boreholes
  • Equipped with automatic exposure compensation with remote control to control the illumination range
  • Internally pressurized with dry nitrogen to ensure proper pressurization and a leak-proof camera
  • Break resistant, scratch-proof sapphire camera window
  • On-screen diagnostics package

Slimline Dual View Water Well Camera (WC1750)

The Aries Slimline Dual View Water Well Camera’s small design is perfect for inspecting small boreholes, monitoring wells, and in some cases, getting between the casing and pump.

The camera has the following operator controlled features:

  • Adjustable focus
  • Electronic shutter (iris)
  • Low/med/high lighting controls
  • Slow/med/fast rotation
  • Rotation direction (clockwise/counterclockwise)
  • Front view/side view

This Aries camera can withstand a depth of 5,000 feet and its housing is pressurized with dry nitrogen to help displace moisture and minimize corrosion.

Camera Features:

  • Slim design of 1.750 inches maximum outside diameter
  • Length of 22 inches (without lighthead)
  • High Intensity LED lighting
  • Stainless Steel housing
  • Adapts to most geophysical logging and video systems
  • Ring Light or Standard Lighthead
  • 1 year warranty
image of borehole camera SC3500
image of borehole camera SC3500
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