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Trillium 240 Broadband

The Trillium 240 is one of the highest performing weak motion seismometers in the world. An exceptional very broadband low noise seismometer, the Trillium 240 is ideally suited to portable and fixed network applications. Trillium 240 has a response flat to velocity from 240 seconds to 35 Hz and a self-noise below the NLNM from 100 seconds to 10 Hz.

Benefits of Trillium 240 Broadband Seismometer

  • Very broadband performance from a portable, low power seismometer
  • Integrated web browser interface replaces requirement for a separate breakout box
  • Factory calibration values exist on the seismometer, easily accessible via web browser interface
  • Extremely low power consumption, advantageous for remote installations
  • Switchable XYZ/UVW outputs provide independent calibration of sensor elements and electronics
  • The advanced thermal design reduces the effects of significant temperature fluctuations: minimizing the requirements for external thermal insulation
Trillium 240 Broadband Seismometer
Trillium 240 Broadband Seismometer
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