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SYSCAL R1 Plus Switch 48

The SYSCAL R1 PLUS Switch-48 is an all in one multi-node resistivity imaging system. It features an internal switching board for 48 electrodes and an internal 200W power source. The output current is automatic adjusted (automatic ranging) to optimize the input voltage values and ensure the best measurement quality. The system is designed to automatically perform pre-defined sets of resistivity measurements with roll-along capability. Four multi-colour cables with 12 electrodes takeout each are connected on the back of the resistivity meter. These heavy-duty cables are available with standard 5 or 10m electrode spacing. Customized cables can also be assembled for special arrays or non-standard applications.

Compact, easy-to-use and field proof, the SYSCAL R1 PLUS Switch-48 measures both resistivity and changeability (IP). It is ideal for environmental and civil engineering applications such as pollution monitoring and mapping, salinity control, depth-to-rock determination and weathered bedrock mapping. It can also be used for shallow groundwater exploration (depth and thickness of aquifers).

Applications of Syscal R1 Plus Switch 48

  • Compact, easy to use
  • Automatic ranging
  • Automatic switching
  • 2 measuring channels
  • Outputs: 600 V - 200 W - 2.5 A

Output Current Specifications

  • Automatic ranging (microprocessor controlled)
  • Intensity: up to 2500 mA
  • Voltage: up to 600V (1200V peak to peak)
  • Power: up to 100 W
  • Selectable cycle time of 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 4 or 8 s
  • Current measurement precision: 0,5 % typical
SYSCAL R1 Plus Switch 48
SYSCAL R1 Plus Switch 48
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