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SYSCAL Kid Switch 24

Shallow Resistivity Imaging

Specially designed for shallow resitivity imaging, this version features an internal switching board for 24 electrodes. Two strings of cable with 12 elctrode take-out each are connected on the back of the resistivity meter. The system is designed to automatically perform roll-along surveys.

Lightweight, easy-to-use and field proof, the SYSCAL Kid with the Switch-24 option is ideal for archeological, geological mapping and civil engineering applications. The survey can be performed very efficiently with one operator only.

Major Benefits

  • Attractive output parameters: -200 V maximum voltage, 25 W maximum power
  • Automatic fixing of the output voltage in relation with the level of the measured signal.
  • Accuracy on resistivity: 1%
  • Display of measured voltage, intensity of current, apparent resistivity, and self potential.
  • Serial link for transfer to PC.
SYSCAL Kid Switch 24
SYSCAL Kid Switch 24
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