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Resistivity Imaging- Stratagem

The STRATAGEM provides high resolution electrical conductivity imaging of the subsurface for depths between 10 meters and 500 meters. Conductivity information is calculated from measurements of surface electric and magnetic fields along a series of profiles.

Features of the Strategem Geoelectrical Conductivity Meter

  • Fast Data Collection and Instrument Set Up: The operator can select the frequency bands and the number of time series stacks for data collection allowing optimization for data collection. Typical data collection times of 10 minutes per station and instrument set up time of 10 minutes per station.
  • One-dimensional and Two-dimensional Field Plots: Stratagem allows viewing of 1D soundings and 2D sections in the field.
  • Built-in Thermal Printer: Built in thermal printer can print hard copy of time series, signal amplitude, signal phase, coherency, apparent resistivity, resistivity curves, and depth and frequency sections.
  • Exploration as Shallow as 10 Meters and as Deep as 1 km: Actual depth of investigation will vary with the ground resistivity, signal quality, and whether low-frequency options are employed.
  • Complete Data Sets: Stratagem data file store complete time series, cross-power data, spectral amplitudes, scalar resistivity, tensor resistivity, phase, and coherency.
Image of Stratagem for Resistivity and Geoelectrical
Image of Stratagem for Resistivity and Geoelectrical
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