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GSSI FLEX NX – The New Standard in Concrete Scanning

GSSI is proud to announce thier new Product line, Flex NX™, powered by Nexus™ is the industry’s most powerful and efficient concrete scanner. The all-in-one design offers a large and integrated touchscreen display, providing intuitive interface with minimal navigation.

New data collection modes harness the power of simultaneous standard and cross-polarized antennas, Flex Mode for quick prospecting, and live viewing on a paired phone or tablet. Use Flex NX™ on its own, or pair an NX wireless satellite antenna for a flexible solution to any concrete scanning problem. When you’re done, simply upload your results to GSSI Fusion and quickly create an informative and great-looking report.


Wireless Made Easy
Flex NX™ allows for effortless pairing of wireless NX accessory antennas using Tap-to-Connect technology as well as wireless data transfer and software updates.

Get the Full Picture
Flex NX™ gives you the full picture by introducing a one-pass cross polarization design that enables you to quickly and easily locate and identify targets.

Make the Complex Simple
Use Flex NX’s innovative Flex Positioning system to quickly identify areas of interest in real-time without the need for complicated setups or grids.

Deliver Results
Accurately mark your findings on the ground, then easily create and send interactive reports before you leave the jobsite.

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