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Gravity Meter- MGS-6

Micro-g LaCoste is proud to announce the next generation of marine based dynamic gravity meters: The Marine Gravity System-6 (MGS-6). It represents the next generation in a long line of LaCoste-based dynamic gravity systems, stretching back to the first successful dynamic gravity meter tests on ships more than 50 years ago. Note though, that the MGS-6 is more than a simple upgrade to the Air-Sea System II (AS-2). The MGS-6 is based on the smaller, lighter, more power-efficient TAGS-6 (airborne) platform, and employs the same full-force feedback sensor. In both systems, the platform control and data acquisition system have been overhauled, resulting in unparalleled data quality.

Comparison with Original AS-2

  • Smaller sensor/gimbal (60%)
  • Lighter sensor/gimbal (30%)
  • New slip ring technology on the gimbal makes for a more robust and reliable stable platform
  • Larger Pitch (25° vs. 22°) and larger Roll (35° vs. 25°) ranges
  • Full feedback: ± 500,000 mGal range on beam
  • 100 times the dynamic acceleration range
  • Double oven temperature control
  • Temperature controlled electronics
  • Separate, rack-mountable electronic unit and computer allow for more flexibility in configuration
  • Lockable gimbal
  • System ships with gimbal installed in frame
  • Static Repeatability improved (0.02 vs. 0.05 millGals)
  • Reduced Power requirements (75 vs. 240W)
  • Greatly reduced size: 48% smaller (59 x 53 x 56cm vs. 71 x 56 x 84cm, frame size)
  • Greatly reduced weight (101kg vs. 121kg, including UPS and electronics)

Applications include

  • Geoid Mapping
  • Petroleum Exploration
  • Regional Geophysics
  • Mineral Exploration
MGS-6 Gravity Meter
MGS-6 Gravity Meter
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