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Transmitter- VIP 10000 Induced Polarisation (IP)

In surveys requiring large power a key practical problem is the local availability of a motor generator. Being powered by a standard motor generator, the VIP 10000 offers the highest flexibility in its class. Its power input requirements are:

  • 180 to 250 V voltage for maximum output power
  • 45 to 800 Hz frequency
  • Three-phases for maximum output power
  • One phase for lower output power
  • Motor generator or power line supply

The operation of the VIP 10000 with such a large range of power sources will drastically reduce the transportation and maintenance problems inherent to the field survey constraints.

Features of VIP 10000 Induced Polarisation (IP) Transmitters

  • 10kW IP Transmitter
  • Up to 3000V, 20A
  • Standard motor generator

Technical Specifications

  • Output power: 10 000W maximum
  • Output Voltage: 3000V maximum
  • Automatic voltage range selection
  • Output Current: 20A maximum, current regulated
  • Current accuracy: better than 1%
  • Current stability: 0.1%
  • Output Connectors: connectors accepts bare wire or plug of up to 4mm diameter
VIP 10000 Induced Polarisation (IP) Transmitters
VIP 10000 Induced Polarisation (IP) Transmitters
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