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The TitanSMA is a strong motion accelerograph specifically designed for high precision observational and structural engineering applications and research, where scientists and engineers require exceptional dynamic range over a wide frequency band.

The TitanSMA features the Class “A” Titan triaxial force balance sensor with its low noise floor, exceptionally low hysteresis, and industry leading dynamic range.  The integrated digitizer and recorder facilitate both standalone and networked free-field monitoring deployments.

Event statistics (PGA, PGV, PGD, Sa) for each TitanSMA and all TitanSMAs within a network are easily accessible with any web enabled device via the easily accessible events page resident within the GUI of each individual Accelerograph.

Data is readily available via streaming to a central server or retrieved on demand from a central site.  For non-networked instruments, data is easily retrieved via removable SD card, or downloaded onto an external USB drive on demand.

The TitanSMA is ideal for civil defence applications such as early warning systems and shake maps with its ultra-low latency, real-time processing and transmission of PGA,PGV,PGD data.


  • Class "A" force balance sensor with industry leading dynamic range, low noise floor and exceptionally low hysteresis make the TitanSMA the logical choice for scientists and civil engineering researchers requiring the highest quality data-sets.
  • Features such as: ultra-low latency (down to .25 seconds), real-time processing, transmission of events and network integration capabilities for event triggers and voting provides the TitanSMA with all the necessary features to facilitate world-class civil defense applications.
  • Convenient data retrieval via removable SD card, USB or local Ethernet in MiniSEED or ASCII formats.
  • HTTP data communications, requiring only website access from within the host IT network to stream continuous or event data.  
  • Accessible from any device with a web browser, allowing seamless access to events and recorder data as well as instrument configurations and control.
  • Optional communications package provides a relay contact for automated emergency responses, an external calibration input for onsite maintenance and an additional external USB interface.
TitanSMA Accelerometer
TitanSMA Accelerometer
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