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TISA 3D Borehole Radar prototype

The TISA 3D prototype is a geophysical technique for high-resolution 3D mapping of borehole surroundings. It’s a breakthrough technology with very high accuracy as it allows, for the first time, radar survey at great depths and in difficult circumstances. Applied in a single borehole, the TISA 3D combines all the advantages of ground penetrating radar tools in one:


  • Directional information: 3D positioning of detected objects.
  • High-resolution data: exact positioning of detected objects.
  • Penetration range up to 15 meters.

How does it work?
The TISA 3D emits radar waves into the subsurface by means of a transmitter antenna, situated in the borehole. When a wave meets a contrast in material parameters (an object or geological boundary), part of it is reflected and received by the receiver antenna, situated in the same borehole. A continuous 3D image of the subsurface is obtained by rotating the antenna system and moving the TISA 3D vertically in the borehole.

T&A is responsible for the design, engineering, operating and processing software and testing. Subcontractors TNO-FEL (Physical Electronic Laboratory) and NLR (Dutch National Aerospace Laboratory) developed and built the mechanical and electronic components of the downhole tool. 

Next generation tool
T&A Survey has  done research  into the existing 3D Borehole Radar technology and has formulated a great number of improvements. Based on the outcome of this research, T&A decided to build a new 3D Borehole Radar. The design of the measuring-equipment is carried out in-house. The building is done partly in-house and is partly outsourced.

The main improvements have been made in the quality of the antenna system and the transmitted signals. In the new system they will have a shorter pulse waveform with less ringing. This makes the interpretation of data easier and increases the range of the transmitted signals. Not only has the quality of the transmitted signals been improved, the measuring-equipment has also become much more user-friendly.

These improvements are now being implemented in a completely new measuring tool, which is expected to be available in the second half of 2016.

Current status (august 2015)
The design of the new measuring tool has been completed. The main components have been defined and the layout for the probe has been made. We are still working on some details.

The first components are being manufactured. The antenna module has been completed and tested in realistic curcumstances, using boreholes at locations which are suitable for radar measurements. Based on the results of these measurments we are working on the details of the radar electronics design (transmitter and receiver), which will subsequently be manufactured.

Possible applications:


image of 3D borehole radar
image of 3D borehole radar
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