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TAURO-2000/3000 (OEM) Series

The RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) TAURO-2000/3000 Series, are essentially intelligent electronic devices, specifically designed for data acquisition, data and alarm transmission and control functions, to be installed at remote locations, serving as efficient front-end for SCADA applications in a variety of industries.

For years, municipalities, manufacturing organizations and others, have used RTUs technology to facilitate the alarm notification, continuous monitoring, data logging and maintenance functions of unattended equipment in all types of industrial plants and applications.

Currently, the preferred method of communicating with RTU technology, is the use of a physical connection (Ethernet, fiber-optic, telephonic lines, etc.) but wireless and cellular GSM/GPRS/CDMA are also viable and recommended options , specially in the case of very remote sites, where it is not possible to count on physical connections.

Continuous monitoring provides personnel with the ability to contact, interrogate and interact with unattended equipment at all times, without having to visit the site.

When combined with alarm notification technology, TAURO-2000/3000 RTUs can detect and report preprogrammed alarm conditions, such as system or equipment failures, out-of-range performance levels, maintenance alerts or security breaches. When an alarm condition occurs, the TAURO-2000/3000 automatically contacts predetermined destinations ( e-mails to computers or SMS messages to cellular phones ) to notify personnel of the location and nature of the alarm.


TAURO-2000/3000 series of RTUs include two specific designs :

Model TAURO-2000 has a total of 8 differential analog input channels and a number of digital inputs/outputs and serial ports.

Model TAURO-3000 Series is available with 8, 16 or 24 differential analog input channels and a higher number of digital I/O and serial ports.

TAURO-2000/3000 are State-of-the Art data loggers , process control units and data transmitters, all-in-one, supported also in a single printed circuit board, of a high degree of integration. It has been specially designed for covering a large number of applications, in which historical data , process control, real-time data and still images transmission be, totally or partially, needed.

In many industrial applications it is mandatory not only to control a certain process, but also to store and transmit historical data or alarms, in order to be able to obtain statistical conclusions, to analyze the accumulated information or to carry out specific studies about the quality performance of an industrial process.


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