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SYSCAL R1 Plus resistivity meter for medium-depth exploration. Compact, and easy to use. Measurement of electrical resistivity & changeability (IP). 2 simultaneous reception channels. Outputs: 600V/1200Vp-p-200W-2.5A.


  • Geological mapping (depth-to-bedrock determination, localization of weathered zones clay/gravel determination)
  • Civil engineering
  • Groundwater exploration and environmental studies (pollution monitoring), salinity control.


  • Power source, transmitter and receiver in a single unit
  • Fully automatic measurement controlled by a micro-processor: automatic self-potential correction, automatic ranging, digital stacking, error display in case of procedure troubles.
  • Display of noise level before measurement.
  • Measurement and display of ground resistance, current, voltage, self potential and standard deviation.
  • Computation of the apparent resistivity for the various electrode arrays: Schlumberger & Wenner (sounding or profiling), Dipole-Dipole, Gradient.
  • Measurement and display of the charge-ability (IP) through up to 20 predefined windows.
  • Multi-electrode mode for use with the automatic switching system.
  • Storage of data in the internal memory (44 800 readings)
  • Possibility of data storage on external SD card: 7 000 000 readings (option)
  • Communication port for serial or USB data transfer
  • Emergency Push button for security
SYSCAL R1 Plus resistivity meter
SYSCAL R1 Plus resistivity meter
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