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Seismograph- SmartSeis ST

If you are a geoscientist doing teaching or research, or need a basic exploration seismograph to find bedrock or determine IBC Vs30 site class, the next generation SmartSeis ST is for you. The SmartSeis ST is an integrated seismic exploration system with a built-in ruggedized PC, daylight-visible LCD, keypad, and high-resolution plotter. Use the plotter to print and show your client or students results right in the field.

Features of the SmartSeis ST Seismograph

  • Find bedrock, depth-to-water, faults; determine Vs for IBC site classification
  • Ideal for engineering, construction, road building, and teaching
  • Completely integrated and rugged system with built-in PC, daylight-visible color LCD, keypad, and printer
  • Provides in-field answers for you and your client including bundled refraction data analysis software picks first arrivals and calculates final cross-section optional surface wave software picks dispersion curve and calculates shear-wave velocity
  • Best value in a professional, all-around seismograph
Seismograph SmartSeis ST
Seismograph SmartSeis ST
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