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Resistivity Imaging- SYSCAL R1 Plus

SYSCAL R1 Plus resistivity meter for medium-depth exploration. Compact, easy to use. Measurement of electrical resistivity & charge-ability (IP). 2 simultaneous reception channels, Outputs: 600V/1200Vp-p-200W-2,5A

Resistivity Meter for Medium-Depth Exploration

• Compact, easy to use 
• Measurement of electrical resistivity & changeability (IP) 
• 2 simultaneous reception channels 
• Outputs: 600V/1200Vp-p-200W-2.5A 

Applications of Syscal R1 Plus

  • Geological mapping (depth-to-bedrock determination, localization of weathered zones clay/gravel determination.
  • Civil engineering
  • Groundwater exploration and environmental studies (pollution monitoring, salinity control)

Transmitter Specifications

  • Maximum output power: 200 W
  • Automatic fitting of the current and voltage output values: Maximum output voltage: 600 V Maximum output current: 2500 mA
  • Output current specifications: Resolution: 10 μA Accuracy: Standard 0.3% Max 1% from –20°C to 70°C
  • Waveforms: choice of [ON+, ON-] or [ON+, OFF, ON-, OFF] (for IP measurements), with a selectable pulse duration (0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 4 or 8s)
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