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Resistivity Imaging- SYSCAL Pro & IP equipment

The SYSCAL Pro Switch units use segments (seg) of multi-core cable which are reversible and interchangeable.

For instance, the SYSCAL Pro Switch 48 with 10m spacing has 4 segments of cable a, b, c, d, with 12 electrodes each, for a total line length of 480m. The SYSCAL is placed in the middle of the line, between segments b and c. If the profile to measure is longer than the line length, a ROLL ALONG technique can be applied where, after a first set of readings with (a, b, c, d), segment a is placed after segment d to form a new (b, c, d, a) combination etc.

  • The SYSCAL Pro Switch is a versatile electrical resistivity meter which combines a transmitter, a receiver and a switching unit in one single casing. It is supplied by a 12V battery
  • The measurements are carried out automatically (output voltage, stacking number, quality factor) after selection of limit values by the operator, and are stored in the internal memory.
  • The output specifications are 800V (1 600V peak-to-peak) in switch mode, 1 000V (2 000V peak-to-peak) in manual mode, 2.5A, and 250W with the internal converter and a 12V battery.
  • The SYSCAL Pro Switch uses multi-core cables for controlling a set of electrodes connected in a line or in several lines. The standard number of electrodes: 24, 48, 72, 96, 120, can be increased through Switch Pro units for 2D or 3D ground images. 
  • The ten channels of the system permit to carry out up to 10 readings at the same time for a high efficiency.
  • The Induced Polarization changeability (IP) is also measured through 20 windows for a detailed analysis of the decaying curves displayed on the graphic LCD screen.
  • The SYSCAL Pro Switch unit can be operated with cables in boreholes, or cables pulled on the ground by a vehicle or on the surface of the water by a boat for continuous acquisition surveys.
  • The SYSCAL can be used for time lapse readings (monitoring).

Applications for Syscal Pro Switch

  • Environment
  • Civil Engineering
  • Groundwater
  • Archeology
  • Mining Exploration

Transmitter SYSCAL Pro Specification

  • Max voltage: 800V in switch mode
  • Max voltage: 1 000V in manual mode
  • Max current: 2.5A, typ. accuracy 0.2%
  • Max power : 250W with internal DC/DC converter and 12V external battery; 1200W with external AC/DC and Motor Gene.
  • Option 25mA max for readings on samples
  • Pulse duration: 0.2s, 0.5s, 1s, 2s, 4s, 8s
  • Internal 12V, 7Ah battery, plug for ext. batt.
SYSCAL Pro Switch
SYSCAL Pro Switch
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