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Receiver- ELREC 2 Induced Polarisation (IP)

ELREC 2 Induced Polarisation (IP) Receivers

Elrec 2 is a two dipole Time Domain Induced Polarization receiver designed for deep resistivity sounding and high productivity surveys in mineral exploration. It has been designed for being both a user friendly and a very sensitive IP receiver. Elrec 2 measuring process has been optimized to provide the best possible accuracy in real field conditions.

Features ELREC 2 Induced Polarisation (IP) Receivers

  • Lightweight two-channel Resistivity and IP receiver
  • Two receiver dipoles
  • Four charge-ability windows
  • High accuracy and sensitivity

Visibility & Present Weather

Models GEO-SWS-050

Model GEO-SWS-050

Visibility sensor

Visibility Range: 10m to 2km, 10km, 20km, 32km or 40km.

Measures: Visibility (MOR-Meteorological Optical Range)

Measurement Error: ≤ 5% at 2 km, ≤ 10% at 10 km, ≤ 15% at 20 km, ≤ 20% at 30 km.

Air Temperature & Relative Humidity

Smart MultiSensor Model PTH-4000 Model STH-S331

Smart MultiSensor Model PTH-4000

Independent Barometric Pressure, Temperature and Relative Humidity sensors plus Dew Point (calculated).

Model PTHR-4000 adds Solar Radiation sensor.

Model STH-S331 

Software- Blastware Vibration Monitor

Blastware Vibration Monitor Compliance Software

Instantel® Blastware® software, the Windows® software companion to your Instantel vibration monitor offers powerful, easy-to-use features, for event management, compliance reporting and advanced data analysis.

UtilityScan DF

Utility Scan DF models 625 655

UtilityScan™ DF is GSSI’s premium GPR unit for utility locating. It incorporates our innovative digital dual-frequency antenna (300 and 800 MHz) and an easy-to-use touch screen interface to view shallow and deep targets simultaneously in a single scan. With an operation life of up to eight hours and a survey speed up to 10 km/h (6.25 mph), data collection is fast and efficient. Locate the position and depth of metallic and non-metallic objects, including service utilities such as gas, communications, sewer lines as well as underground storage tanks and PVC pipes.