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Pressure Membrane Extractor, 100 Bars

The 1020, 100 Bar Pressure Membrane Extractor, is used to analyze the water-holding characteristics of soil samples at extremely high pressures. The Pressure Membrane Extractor uses a cellulose membrane supported on a screen drain plate. The cylinder is 2" (5 cm) high, with an inside diameter of 10" (25 cm). The 1020 consists of top and bottom plates, cylinder, all connecting bolts and seals, screen drain plate, and a side exhaust valve. A high pressure hose for connecting the extractor to a pressure source must be ordered separately. Cellulose membranes, soil sample retaining rings, and an electrical lead through are available separately.


  • Soil Water Retention
  • Soil Physics
  • Mining
Pressure Membrane Extractor, 100 Bars
Pressure Membrane Extractor, 100 Bars
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