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Polyspace Code Prover performs code verification of C and C++ embedded software that must operate at the highest levels of quality and safety. It uses a formal methods technique called abstract interpretation to produce sound verification results. Polyspace Code Prover identifies where run-time errors may occur and code that is proven to be safe from run-time errors. You use Polyspace Code Prover as part of a high quality assurance process to exhaustively verify all inputs, paths, and variable values. Polyspace Code Prover uses color-coding to indicate the status of each element in the code. It integrates with Simulink® to offer traceability of code level run-time results back to the Simulink models.

With Polyspace Code Prover, you can:

  • Prove your code — verify that your code is free of run-time errors
  • Obtain results with no false negatives — all potential run-time errors are exhaustively identified
  • Gain confidence in the quality of your code — measure proven versus unproven code
image of C++ code
image of C++ code
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