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Gamma Radiation in Air

Model R503X-SL

Model R503X-SL

Gamma Radiation Sensor (in air).

Detector: Proportional counting tube with power compensation filter.

Measuring Range: 10 nSv/h to 15 mSv/h. 

Energy Range: 6 KeV to 1.2 MeV fot the whole measuring range.

Visibility & Present Weather

Models GEO-SWS-050

Model GEO-SWS-050

Visibility sensor

Visibility Range: 10m to 2km, 10km, 20km, 32km or 40km.

Measures: Visibility (MOR-Meteorological Optical Range)

Measurement Error: ≤ 5% at 2 km, ≤ 10% at 10 km, ≤ 15% at 20 km, ≤ 20% at 30 km.

Sun Trackers

Model Sun Tracker 3000

Model SUN-TRACKER 3000

 Automatic Solar Tracker High precision (2 Axis), for DNI measuring with one or two Pyrheliometers. Astronomical tracking Algorithm ENREL approved. It doesn´t require "sun sensor" for last adjustment.

Shadows Device Model SA-3000

Solar radiation

Albedometer	Model GEO-SRA01

Pyranometer Model GEO-LP02

Thermoelectric Pyranometer

Second Class, according ISO-9060

Moderate Quality, as per WMO

Pyranometer Model GEO-SR11

Thermoelectric Pyranometer

First Class, according ISO-9060

Good Quality,as per WMO

Air Temperature & Relative Humidity

Smart MultiSensor Model PTH-4000 Model STH-S331

Smart MultiSensor Model PTH-4000

Independent Barometric Pressure, Temperature and Relative Humidity sensors plus Dew Point (calculated).

Model PTHR-4000 adds Solar Radiation sensor.

Model STH-S331 

Wind Speed & Direction

Model 86000 / 86106 Marine

Model 05103 / 05106 Marine

Wind Monitor sensor for both wind speed and direction.

Range: Wind speed : 0-60 m/s (0-216 Km/h). Wind direction: 0-360º.

Survival: 100m/s.

Threshold: 1m/s

TAURO-2000/3000 (OEM) Series


The RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) TAURO-2000/3000 Series, are essentially intelligent electronic devices, specifically designed for data acquisition, data and alarm transmission and control functions, to be installed at remote locations, serving as efficient front-end for SCADA applications in a variety of industries.

Hydrodata 2000C

Hydrodatea 2000C

REMOTE UNITS 2000C Series is available in two versions as indicated below.


Remote Automatic Data Acquisition and Transmission Unit, teleprogrammable; total compact mount in a heavy duty weatherproof Polypropylene housing (Protection IP-67 ; dimensions 30x23x13cm ).


Remote Automatic Data Acquisition and Transmission Unit, teleprogrammable ; total compact mount in a heavy duty Weatherproof metallic housing (Protection IP-66; dimensions 30x30x21cm ).

Main Features:

Hydrodata 3000C

Hydrodata 3000C

REMOTE UNITS 3000C Series is available in three versions with 8, 16 and 24 Analog Input Channels, as indicated below:


.Remote Automatic Data Acquisition and Transmission Unit, teleprogrammable; total compact mount in a heavy duty weatherproof Metallic housing (Protection IP-66 ; dimensions 43x33x20cm).

Main specifications: