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Magnetometer- Mobile Cesium G-822

The G-822A is designed for use in airborne survey applications where a combination of high sensitivity and rapid sampling of the Earth's magnetic field are required. The system consists of a cesium-vapor sensor with its associated cables and driver electronic package, and a separate high resolution counter.

The G-822A operates on 24-32 VDC power, receiving power and passing its analog output over the same BNC coaxial connection. The G-822A sensor incorporates advanced design features to ensure excellent performance with respect to instrument noise, heading error, and absolute accuracy. The G-822A also provides automatic hemisphere switching to provide superior data quality in equatorial regions. The sensor/electronics package is splash-proof, temperature controlled and delivers full performance under extreme operating conditions.

Features of the G-822A Mobile Cesium Magnetometer

  • Excellent noise performance - less than 0.0005 nT / rt-Hz RMS
  • Excellent tracking - better than 5 pT over 0.01 second period
  • Suitable for fixed and rotary wing applications
  • Gradiometer arrays offering simultaneous operation of up to four separate sensors
Mobile Cesium Magnetometer G-822
Mobile Cesium Magnetometer G-822
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