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Magnetic Resonance- NUMIS Poly 4 channels Proton

Multi-Channel Magnetic Resonance sounding system for direct detection of groundwater - down to 150m depth. Groundwater resources evaluation: Determination of water level and quality; Lateral extension of an aquifer layer; Selection of the best place to drill; Prediction of yield, after calibration.

NUMISPoly is a modular MRS equipment consisting of :

  • a transmitter unit for pulse generation
  • up to four receivers units for signal measurement
  • a PC computer for the control of the whole system and for data processing and interpretation
  • 2 converter units powered by two 12 V batteries each
  • 2 tuning units for optimizing the excitation energy
  • wire for transmitting and receiving loop coils
NUMIS Poly 4 channels Proton magnetic resonance
NUMIS Poly 4 channels Proton magnetic resonance
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