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Whether it is a natural disaster or man-made, LifeLocator® has proven to be an effective tool in detecting life signs like breathing and movement at building collapse locations. Deploy the unit to determine or rule out areas of interest; and the unit is highly mobile, meaning more of a disaster area can be covered in much less time.

Applications for LifeLocator

Earthquakes | Terror Attacks | Mine Disaster | Building Collapse | Tunnel Collapse | Mudslides or Landslides, with debris Detection Benefits

  • The ability to accurately and non-invasive locate survivors following structural collapse - with the ability to “see” through debris, dust and other obstacles
  • The detection of motion as slight as shallow breathing, within 30 seconds
  • Reliable non-human, non-canine SAR technology that enhances search capabilities

System Benefits

  • Low power requirements
  • Rugged, weather and water resistant components
  • Wireless operation
  • Multiple language options - English, Japanese, Hebrew, French and Chinese
  • Complies with RSS-220, CE and FCC regulations

Survey Benefits

  • Lightweight, wireless and portable system
  • Ease of mobility over a site
  • Large field of detection
  • Unaffected by scent drift or other bio-sensitivities that affect canine detection
  • Non-invasive technology; no probes, no cables and no wiring
  • Completely safe for humans and animals